Monday, September 28, 2009

It is HIGH, it is is GONE!

My favorite sportscaster John Sterling, who calls for the New York Yankees. Tune in to 880 WCBS any evening in the summer and fall (esp during MLB playoffs). Real entertainment.

If John had been in the ham shack this morning, making the play-by-play call while I worked DX #260, ZL7/N7OU Chatham Island at my sunrise on 40 CW, he would have uttered those words!

Yes, I did it with 100 watts and my 43 foot vertical antenna.

Of course, it helps that N7OU is a SUPERB operator with terrific hearing.

But give me some credit; the only reason I was able to see his signal and copy him was because of my FlexRadio 3000. How sweet it is/was. Not a lot of folks calling him, and the 43 foot antenna is really superb on 40 meters.

OK, so what DX is next? Bring it, Southeast Asia! 9V1, 9M2, and DU - you are next.

73 and good DX

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