Saturday, July 16, 2011

Here and there...

Looking at the logbook, I can see a gradual increase in my progress towards DXCC honor roll.

The sunspot cycle is improving, also reflected in my log.

In the past six weeks, I worked C21 and JX5 for all-time new ones. Also worked several new ones on the higher bands. This was while I was doing extensive travel for work, so the on-air time was very limited on the between honey-do tasks. (I'm not complaining, I have the most awesome wife ever...she has unending patience for my hobby and I am the luckiest ham ever!) So there are always tasks to complete on the maintenance, walking the dogs, working with the horse. It's probably a good thing; with my obsessive personality I would probably spend all day every day in front of the ham radio gear!

Speaking of gear, my THP 1.2Kfx HF amp makes the difference with 500 watts out. It's the difference between QSO and no QSO in several instances.

73 and good DX!

Thanks, Mr. Postman

Just received a batch of QSL cards today from the US incoming QSL bureau in Sterling VA.

With the increase in postal rates, more folks are using ARRL Logbook of the World (LotW). This is an electronic, secure method of confirming QSO's and receiving DX credit. It is an awesome setup and takes just a few minutes to get started. It increases the chance of getting a confirmation, with the dramatic availability of the internet throughout the globe.

Still, in my 34 years of hamming I have never lost the excitement of receiving in my postal box, a 5x7 brown envelope with the latest "hard copy" QSL cards. This time was no different. I finally received a QSL card from my first QSO with China during the 2008 summer olympics. Also received several band/mode confirmations. About 90 QSL cards in all, including some for my QSL manager duties for 5X1RI.

So even with the increase in postage, lots of hams still send true QSL cards. It's a nice aspect of the hobby, and I am glad to see that it has not gone away.

Now, I have a lot of QSL cards to reply to. Good thing I have a software logging program to handle the printing of it...DX4WIN.

OK, back to hamming.


73 and good DX