Saturday, January 16, 2010

Getting the fever for 160

I put up an inverted L, 64 feet vertical and 64 feet horizontal. With 100 watts and a couple of radials, it is no pileup buster but it DOES work and it WILL get me to DXCC on 160. What a blast that band is.

Work has kept me busy since the start of the New Year, and it has been too cold outside (unusual) for me to do any antenna work. Here's hoping for more ham time and less work, and a spring thaw!

73 and good DX!


  1. What do u have for a ground? Have fun with it on the CQ WW 160

  2. Would you believe my ground is 3 radials, each 1/4 wavelength on 160? I do have a CG-3000 remote antenna tuner at the base of the inverted L...