Friday, November 11, 2011

Wow, conditions are either really good or I am really lucky.

8Q7EJ, first call on 20 SSB.
YB1ALL, first call on 30 CW.
UN8GV, first call on 30 CW.
ZD8ZZ, first call on 30 CW.

It DOES help to have a great rig like the Flex 3000. Speaking of, you must take a look at their notching software video. AMAZING. I love this rig. Best money ever spent.

In other news....antennas.

Some hunters came up behind our house while hunting deer, and intentionally cut my two beverage antennas. I can't complain, the antennas were on their property. Also, the bevs were short (250 feet) so they worked OK on 40 and 30, but not much use on 160 where I really need them. Maybe I need to go vertical rather than horizontal for better receiving antennas. I just don't have enough room for a good beverage antenna for receive. I like them because they are cheap, but it takes a lot of real estate. Here's a good intro, if you are interested in reading more. I am using shortened Beverages, so there is a compromise involved. I have less room on-property, but I will try to use the 150 foot lengths...since the hunters have rifles and I do not!

Also, my inverted L broke in a windstorm last week. This is my primary antenna for 160 and works very well on 30, so I put it back up quickly yesterday, with the help of this device! Tested it out today, and worked YB1 and UN8 listed above, first call, so it's working fine. Now I just need to see what I can work on 160.

Conditions are excellent, and lots of folks are on the air. Big CQ WW CW DX contest in 2 weeks, my favorite.

73 and good DX!

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