Thursday, November 26, 2009

Let's go to the instant replay tape!

I have been hamming a lot since the last post.

On Saturday night, I put up the 43 foot vertical.

On Tuesday, I put up a 160-10 off-center-fed dipole from Buckmaster up at 64 feet, beaming 330/150 broadsied. I used a secret weapon to put up the antenna. Whoa, this thing is a DREAM! Worth every penny!

Today (Thursday), I put up the 20 meter hex beam...only at 32 feet for now...need to have it up for the CQ WW CW contest this weekend.

I took down the 80-10 off-center-fed Buckmaster, I will re-orient it next week on an East/West heading.

So, what results have I achieved so far?

Well, the new QTH continues to be VERY quiet. On 20 CW, I heard JA1NUT 579, VR2MY 539. Did not have time to try and break the pileup.

What have I worked, that is interesting?

12 meters: ZL1BYz, CE0/SM6CUK
15 meters: A25NW, ZP6CW
17 meters: V51AS, A25WN (CW - 10 min; SSB, huge pileup, 30 min of attempts), 9L1NH
20 meters: 9G5TT, A25NW
30 meters: CE0/SM6CUK, A25NW
40 meters: 3B8CF, RW0CN
80 meters: 4L6AA
160 meters: PJ2/K8ND (easy), need to get some EU DX to work towards 9BDXCC

Kudos to Tom, K9NW, down on Botswana with the A25NW call. What a fantastic op. The SSB pileup on 17 meters was a real zoo, but he kept it moving and never lost his cool.


1. The 43 foot vertical is working well with 10 radials down, each 50 feet in length. I need to add another 10 radials. The remote tuner is, as always, essential

2. The total coax run is about 250 feet to each antenna. I need some lower-loss coax, I suspect, althouth the RG-213 is not hurting me all that much.

3. The Buckmaster at 64 feet has the ends drooped, to form a two-element broadside phased vertical pattern.

4. The 20 meter hex beam is BACK ON LINE.

I am ready for the contest! Hope to work at least three new ones.

Next steps:
  • Get the remote antenna switch in place.
  • Get the 80-10 Buckmaster up and running.
  • Get the satellite station back online.

73 and GOOD DX!

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