Thursday, November 12, 2009

Putting together a new station

Wow, I forgot how painful it is to move. My aching back! Lifting all those boxes AFTER the movers drop them off. Well, that's what Motrin is for...pain relief.

Also, work has kept me on the road for the past two weeks.

I did put together the shack on the weekends, all I need to do now is put up the antennas.

The shack has the TS570 for digital/search and pounce/backup, with the Flex F3K as primary CW/SSB.

The two FT817ND rigs are in place for satellite.

I will put up the 2 meter FM rig also, for weather monitoring and any 2 meter repeaters in the area.

I have the TS480SAT in the car, although I don't expect a lot of driving...mostly air travel.

The priority for my antennas:

(1) get the coax in place - 200 foot run of a single coax
(2) get an all-band wire up to begin with. This will be the Buckmaster off-center-fed dipole for 80-10.
(3) get the HF yagi up - this will be the hex beam for 20 meters on the 32 foot mast
(4) get the antenna switch out there so I can run multiple antennas
(5) get a second run of coax, and a second antenna switch
(6) get the 160 meter wire antenna up (in time for the 160 meter contest)
(7) get the 43 foot vertical up and put down radials (getting colder, maybe wait until spring!)

That's enought to keep me busy over the holiday break!

73 and good DX

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