Friday, December 25, 2009

Getting even better on the bands!

40 meters is WHITE HOT.

Heard HS0CZY/4 and 4S7NE tonight. HS0 was buried under EU, I did not want to get into a pileup on simplex frequency for 4S7NE, esp since I already have a card from Nelson on 17 meters.

Seems like 40 is almost always offering some sort of DX! Makes me want to rethink my antenna situation, possibly put up something with more gain on 40. I had been looking at 160 for a basic antenna, and trying to get my hex beam up higher. Maybe I am focused on the wrong bands!

Christmas gifts from Santa included an Arrow Antennas 4 element yagi for 6 meters, a 6 meter handbook, a 6 meter pre-amp. So look out Meteor-Scatter fans, and when those sporadic-E clouds starting forming in April I will be all over that!

73, happy holidays, and good DX!

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