Monday, December 21, 2009

Life is good!

UPS truck delvired my newly repaired Flex 3000 to me today.

Tinkered with it all afternoon, FINALLY set it up so I can send CW using the MixW interface/keyboard...and CW Skimmer works!!! Also using DX4Win to pounce on spots.

Here's what it looks like

A busy screen! SDR for controlling the radio is on the left, CW Skimmer to the right, then Bandmaster. MixW is on the bottom center, with DX4Win on the left side.

My favorite programs, all placed properly on the screen.

Now, the other computer with the screen on the left is my digital/satellite station. It has satellite tracker, WSJT software, web browser, BandMaster and DX Atlas, HamRadioDeluxe sat tracker, and two radios: TS570 for HF, and TS480 for 6 meter CW/SSB and meteor scatter.

This is fun, now that I finally got everything working together!

6 meter yagi arrives on Wednesday for the attic. Still trying to decide what I want to do for Earth-Moon-Earth comms...something in the attic, or rover operations with better access to the horizon. Decisions decisions! What an awesome hobby!

Happy holidays!

73 and good DX!

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  1. How did you do that? With a Serial Port Splitter?

    73 de Torsten - DL9GTB