Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Going QRT for a few days

I took the last remaining antennas down today: the 43 foot vertical and the off-center-fed dipole. It has been a wonderful eight years at this QTH.

Some of the highlights (not in order):

  • Finally collected enough QSL's for DXCC
  • Worked 100 countries on 80 meters
  • Did some working on 160 meters
  • Put up my first directional antenna, a hex beam for 20 meters, WOW
  • Started working ham satellites, very cool
  • Upgraded my main HF rig, from TS520S to TS570
  • Added mobile HF with TS480SAT
  • Did some serious remote operation while on the road
  • Started weak signal work with WSJT software
  • Started 6 meter work with meteor scatter and sporadic E, with a hex 6 meter antenna
  • Started really analyzing antennas with EZNEC, and understanding what is going on
  • Leveraged the power of the PC in the shack: DX4WIN, Ionoprobe, Bandmaster, DX Atlas, and a bunch of other programs
  • Jumped into digital modes with MixW
  • Put up some good antennas for low bands: Cushcraft MA8040V, Zero-Five muli-band vertical
  • Reached total worked DX at 260
  • Put up a home page and a blog related to ham radio
  • Jumped into Software Defined Radio with a Flex 3000
  • Participated in several Field Days at the local club
  • Put together quite a diverse antenna farm
  • Did some work as a QSL manager for a DX station
  • Made a lot of friends around the world
  • Learned a LOT about antennas, propagation, and operating procedures

I thought I knew a couple of things with my Amateur Extra class licenses and 27 years of hamming when we moved in back in 2001.

Eight years later I realize how much I do NOT know and how much more I need to learn.

It has been an amazing journey at this QTH. I am excited about starting at the new QTH. Look for me on the air soon!

73 and good DX!

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